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Welcome to the official page of PentaBD Food. We manufacture and distribute food products which are beneficial for health, our products are pure and harmful preservatives free. So come and try us as It’s never too late to start a great journey together.

Recently, in 2015, we have launched ‘Penta BD’ as a sister organization of TCDC (Thyroid Care & Diagnostic Centre) to produce a range of organic consumer products for promoting healthy living. PentaBD Food is a part of PentaBD, which manufacture and distribute foods and drinks. Now, two of the ground breaking PentaBD Foods products, HERB ATTA, ARJUN PAAN, PENTA TEA, HERB ATTA RUTI, MASALA MURI are being distributed and marketed under PentaBD Foods brand to the carefully selected local grocery stores and super markets all over Bangladesh. Last two years of our thorough consumer survey and feedback reports and market research reveal that HERB ATTA is highly admired and appreciated for its different health benefits and healthy living styles. On the other hand, ARJUN PAAN is being considered as a super alternative to addictive chewing of ‘paan’ (betel leaf) and chain smoking of cigarette. It should be noted that all of our PentaBD Foods and Beverages are produced as per national and international standards by maintaining high quality and hygiene at every stages of their production and packaging. Also be assured that none of our product contains any harmful preservatives, instead all of our products are tested and approved for their quality standard, respectively, by the BSTI, BCSIR, & Dhaka University. Tasted analyzed and approved from: BSTI, BCSIR, & DU.
Shipment Policy:
We deliver our products directly from our sells center, Courier service and DHL for foreign countries.
Return Policy:
we don’t accept any return policy.

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